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About Us

History of the ASEAN Rhinology Society

The idea to form a rhinology group amongst the members of ASEAN ORL Federation that have the similar interest in rhinology was developed at the 5th ASEAN ORL Congress in Jakarta in 1992. The interest became more evident during the Advances in Rhinology Meeting in Manila and the Advanced Sinus Symposium in Philadelphia and at last became a reality during the 12th International Symposium on Infection and Allergy of the Nose (ISIAN) meeting in Seoul, Korea, October 1993.

On October 10th, 1993, an ASEAN RHINOLOGY GROUP (ARG) was formed during the above 12th ISIAN Meeting. This group was supported by the ASEAN ORL Federation and to be part of the federation and will promote the objectives of the Federation in the field of Rhinology. The ARG was also recognised and became a board member of the International Rhinology Society (IRS). A temporary secretariat was appointed to be placed in Thailand with Dr Chaweewan Bunnag and Dr Kanit Muntarbborn acting as coordinators. Under Dr Chaweewan leadership, a book on ASEAN Rhinology was published that contained the paper of ASEAN and European rhinologists.


In Manila, Philippines, during the ISIAN Congress, October 7th 1998, during the Committee meeting of the ARG, the name was changed into “The Society of ASEAN Rhinologist” (STAR). This Society was chaired by Dr Gil Vicente from Philippines, Dr. Damayanti as the secretary, Dr.Benjamin Campomanes as the Treasurer.

In Brunei, during the 10th ASEAN ORL-HNS Congress (2003), the leadership changed hands to Prof Dato’ B.S Gendeh and Dr KS Sathananthar as Secretary General. Their task was to register this society and make it official. On February 25th, 2004 during the 10th. Asia-Oceania meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  the name STAR changed to become the ASEAN RHINOLOGY SOCIETY (ASEAN RS).

Committee Members 2003-2005

President:                                  Prof Dato’ Dr BS Gendeh (Malaysia)

President Elect:                        Dr Trimartani Kunto (Indonesia)

Secretary General:                   Dr KS Sathananthar (Malaysia)

Deputy Sec-Gen I:                    Dr Harvinder Singh (Malaysia)

Deputy Sec-Gen II:                   Dr Retno S Wardani (Indonesia)

Treasurer General:                   Dr Kuljit Singh (Malaysia)

Deputy Treasurer General:     Dr Usha Devi Arumainathan (Malaysia)


This Society was finally registered in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia on 8th December, 2004 by Dr KS Sathananthar, Dr Harvinder Singh and Dr Maria Ithaya Rasan. The logo of this society was specifically designed by Dr Maria Ithaya Rasan. This society was finally launched and accepted in Bali, Indonesia on 24th. August, 2005 with the conjunction of the 11th ASEAN ORL-HNS Congress.

The ASEAN RHINOLOGY SOCIETY (ASEAN RS) was deregistered in 2012 due to non submission of Cambodia & Malaysian minutes and no active society accounts. 

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